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Residential Services

Why pay to dispose of your metal waste, when you can bring it to us and turn it into cash.

It’s convenient

We have collection sites in every state, so whether you want to get rid of an old filing cabinet or clear a load of old machinery out of a farm shed, we can help.

If you live in the Sydney metro area we do offer a pick up service and  minimum weights apply – just call us on 1800 SCRAP METAL (1800 727 276) to arrange. We do not pay for scrap collected via this service and minimum weights may apply.

It’s safe

We have a ‘safety first’ policy to protect your health and wellbeing when you come to our sites. Our sites have an area for public visitors that is safe and tidy, and attended by friendly staff waiting to help you. 

It’s good for the environment

Recycling metal is significantly cheaper and better for the environment. Our business relies on recovering as much metal as possible to sell back to industry, and the more scrap we get the more we can help reduce the need for virgin materials.

It’s good for your pocket

We pay market rates for the type and quality of scrap metal you bring us. We are transparent and will weigh and inspect it in front of you so you know you’re getting paid. We’ll pay cash or cheque on the spot.

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Mixed waste

If you have waste that contains metal but also contains other elements like glass and plastic (such as a microwave or car) we can still take it. We will assess how much metal is present and of what type, and pay you accordingly.


Our subsidiary, EPSA, specialises in collecting certain electronic waste under the National Computer and Television Recycling Scheme. Visit the EPSA site for more details 



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