Vehicle scrap

What is vehicle scrap?

Vehicle scrap is everything collected by the auto dismantling and crash repair industry, obsolete fleet and confiscated vehicles.

It includes everything from automotive engine and body parts to whole cars, buses and trucks, which we will buy crushed or uncrushed.

How can Sims help?

Better bottom line. We understand that getting the best value for automotive scrap is essential to the business model of any car yard. We accurately weigh and assess your scrap so you get the best price and as much as possible is recycled.

Convenient collection. Our services include one-off or regular collection of crushed or uncrushed vehicles, and delivery and collection of metal bins for smaller parts.

Certified destruction. We can provide documented proof of the destruction for sensitive materials.

Large site clearance. We have mobile balers and plenty of trucks to quickly and efficiently clear large yards.

Trusted, safe partnership. Our partnerships with the auto dismantling industry are built on transparency and trust. We provide expert support and services to boost the economic and operational efficiency of your business.

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