Non-Ferrous Scrap

Non Ferrous Scrap Metal

What is non-ferrous scrap?

Non-ferrous scrap is metal scrap that is not based on iron. Typical items are aluminium cans, mag wheels, brass, copper and lead piping, copper cable, catalytic converters, transformers, electric motors and stainless steel.

How can Sims help?

Better bottom line. Sell us your non-ferrous scrap and you can boost your business cash flow, especially if you generate large or regular quantities of non-ferrous scrap. We accurately weigh and assess your scrap so you get the best price for the type of metal you sell us.

On-site bins for off-site processing. We supply scrap metal bins to landfill, industrial and demolition sites so that non-ferrous waste can be diverted for recycling. We then collect the full bins, weigh them and buy the scrap at a fair price.

Contract scrap management services for manufacturing and industry. If you produce a regular supply of non-ferrous scrap, Sims offers a wide range of bins which can be collected as required. We also offer on-site, end-to-end waste management services.

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