Manufacturing Scrap

What is manufacturing scrap?

Manufacturing scrap is the waste created during the production of manufactured goods, or unused material surplus to the manufacturer’s requirements.

It includes everything from punched sheets, clippings, defect parts and wire trimmings to obsolete machinery and goods returned under trade-in schemes.

How can Sims help?

Profit from waste. Sell your manufacturing scrap to boost your bottom line – we will pay you a good price for the by-products of your business.

Increase efficiency. Sims resource recovery experts can help you devise the most efficient and economic processes to minimise and manage waste. This helps improve your OH&S, reduce waste improve your profitability.

Meet your obligations. Our world-class safety and environmental credentials help you meet your industry’s statutory requirements and your company’s CSR obligations. Working with us can also help you obtain or maintain environmental accreditations.

Outsource the problem. Sims offers complete metal waste services, from on-site analysis and to transport and off-site resource recovery. All you see is the proper management of your waste, and cash in the bank.

What do we buy?

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