Ferrous Scrap

Ferrous Scrap

What is ferrous scrap?

Ferrous scrap is metal scrap that contains iron. Typical items such as structural steel, rail tracks, engines, machinery, vehicles and roofing.

How can Sims help?

Convenient collection services. Our transportation and logistics infrastructure provides a comprehensive pick-up service.

Safe drop off points. We take your safety (and the safety of our workers) at our sites extremely seriously. Our weighbridges are also linked directly to our electronic docket system to ensure transparency over the weight of your load.

Large site clearance. We can project manage and carry out the removal of metal waste from large yards, industrial and demolition sites. We have equipment such as mobile shears and balers, plenty of trucks and bins for a fast and efficient service. Our on-site testing to determine the type and quality of the scrap, so you get paid what your scrap is worth.

On-site bins for off-site processing. We supply scrap metal bins to landfill, industrial and demolition sites so that ferrous waste can be diverted for recycling. We then collect the full bins, weigh them and buy the scrap at a fair price.

Contract scrap management services for manufacturing and industry. If you produce a regular supply of ferrous scrap, Sims offers a wide range of bins which can be collected as required. We also offer on-site, end-to-end waste management services.

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