Demolition and Site Clearance

What is demolition and site clearance?

Old buildings contain significant quantities of metal in the fabric of the building, and decommissioned industrial buildings could potentially contain tons of obsolete machinery, structural steel, metal roofing and cabling, all of which we will buy at competitive rates.

We can project manage and execute the recovery of metal from demolition sites, old car yards or industrial areas.

How can Sims help?

Mobile site clearance. We have mobile cutting equipment, and plenty of trucks, to quickly and efficiently clear large sites. We also have mobile equipment to assess the type and quality of scrap metal on site so you will get a fair quote on what we buy from you.

On-site bins for off-site processing. We supply scrap metal bins to industrial and demolition sites so that metal items and metal-bearing waste can be put into them for recycling. We then collect the full bins, weigh them and buy the scrap at a fair price.

Project management of metal recovery. You don’t need to know anything about the metal in your site – just call us in and we will inspect the site, assess the types and quality of metal, develop a safe and effective plan for recovering as much as possible, and then manage the whole removal process.

Safe, efficient and tidy clearance. Wherever we work in your site, we will leave the area safe and tidy.

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