Council and private tips

What is council and private tip scrap collection?

The waste delivered to tips and to council landfill sites by waste management contractors is mixed by nature, and often contains scrap metal that we can recycle.

We buy the scrap in mixed-waste loads at competitive prices, which is great for the operator’s bottom line and efficiency, and helps reduce the problems caused by metal in landfill.

How can Sims help?

Multi-site council cooperative contracts. We work in partnership with a number of councils to manage the recovery of metal from municipal waste management facilities and landfill sites, using dedicated on-site scrap metal bins.

On-site bins for off-site processing. We supply scrap metal bins to landfill, industrial and demolition sites so that metal items and metal-bearing waste can be diverted for recycling. We then collect the full bins, weigh them and buy the scrap at a fair price.

Better bottom line. Landfill operators, waste contractors and councils all benefit financially by diverting scrap metal from landfill and selling it to us. We accurately weigh and assess your scrap so you get the best price and as much as possible is recycled.

Meet environmental targets. Australians are becoming increasingly conscious of environmental damage and health threats from poor waste management, illegal dumping and unregulated offshore recycling. Working with Sims means you are not contributing to these problems and risking your public profile.

Safe, ethical, transparent operations. Our world-class safety and environmental credentials meet or exceed the most stringent global standards across all our sites.

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