CommoditiesSims Metal Management is Australia's largest refiner of precious, high quality metals with almost 100 years’ experience in the recycling and management of these valuable materials.

We provide high quality feedstock for foundries and other industries, aluminium, zinc, lead and magnesium die casting products and can assist you with casting, machining, coatings, assembly and packaging. Our expertise has been developed through understanding each industry and knowing exactly what different customers require. Our reputation has been built through supplying consistently high quality products with exceptional levels of customer service.

We have an extensive network for sourcing new and secondary materials, which means we can supply the grades you need when you need them. Our high-tech stock management system enables us to get product to you quickly and efficiently. Secondary metal when refined carefully can be as good, or even superior, to "new" metal. This is achieved by removing impurities not just diluting them- before adding new metal as necessary to make to correct specification.


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